Notary Solutions by We Get Signatures is a community of notary publics seeking knowledge on marketing tools, basic business skills and guides to build a thriving notarial business. We Get Signatures is currently developing a franchise program, we will be seeking franchisees directly from this pool. Our program will provide all the tools needed to make your franchise successful. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals. In the meantime, join our notary network where we will provide general notary work and remote online notary leads.

For RON notaries we have several options on providing RON services. If you currently have your own RON platform and account AWESOME!!! If you do not have a platform chosen to provide RON services, we provide team options to be added to We Get Signatures platform using your own Identrust certificate. For more info:


There are tools every notary signing agent and notary public who provides additional services needs to help them provide the best service to their clients For the entrepreneur who wants to develop functioning workflows and marketing concepts, here you will find links to tools for marketing, document printing, bookkeeping/accounting, tax planning, scheduling and much more. This page contains links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thanks.


Acrobat Pro DC gives notaries the ability to use the program across multiple devices.

Printing Functionality

Easy dual tray printing selection

PDF sorting for single tray printer

Added Tools

Sign - allows for notary to sign contracts and issue contracts to be signed. also has free standing APP

Organize - allows for notary to sort documents, delete unnecessary instruction pages from the signing service.

Scan - This is a scan tool that has an free standing APP which allows you scan flawless PDFs on the go

Create PDF - this is the scan tool for use within the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC tool

Protect - this gives you the ability to password protect and set limitations on documents

Combine - this comes in handy when title companies send packages in multiple sets. You can combine all the sets into one file.

Edit - this tool comes in handy for editing PDFs

& More

Each added tool in the ACROBAT PRO DC program brings added value to the services you can provide to your client. They are also tools that will help in your business back office.

QuickBooks can help you with mileage tracking, invoicing, tax planning they also offer a banking service and merchant services for receiving electronic payments. Click for more info offer invoicing, bill payment and payments received with QuickBooks integration. They offer a free account for receiving payments from clients who use Click for more info

Notary Gadget is a accounting software built specifically for notaries. This software integrates with many signing services. Bring all your appointments to one central location. This software tracks mileage, notary stamps and payments due. Click for more info